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Weldbond PVA Adhesive.
Discover Weldbond Adhesive, the go-to choice for mosaic enthusiasts. Its white liquid form dries clear. Perfect for various mosaic projects, it offers easy cleanup with cold water and a non-toxic composition for a safe crafting experience. With its exceptional strength, five times stronger than standard PVA adhesives, it securely attaches tesserae to fiberglass mesh. Note that it's not suitable for wet or submerged mosaic projects. Enhance your creations with Weldbond Adhesive and unleash your creativity today!

Introducing Weldbond Adhesive - the go-to adhesive for mosaic enthusiasts. This highly popular adhesive comes in a white liquid form that dries clear, ensuring a seamless finish. Its unique formulation allows it to adhere to vertical surfaces with ease, making it perfect for various mosaic projects. For optimal results, we recommend placing your project flat on a workbench during application and allowing it to dry before standing it vertically.

Cleaning up after your mosaic creation is a breeze with Weldbond Adhesive. Simply use cold water to remove any excess adhesive. Plus, you can have peace of mind as it is non-toxic, ensuring a safe and worry-free crafting experience.

What sets Weldbond Adhesive apart is its incredible strength. It is five times stronger than standard PVA adhesives, providing a durable and long-lasting bond. This makes it ideal for securely tacking tesserae to fiberglass mesh, allowing you to bring your mosaic visions to life.

While Weldbond Adhesive excels in indoor and dry area installations, it is important to note that it is not suitable for wet areas or submersed mosaic artworks/projects like birdbaths, showers, or pools. For such projects, we recommend exploring other waterproof adhesive options.

Enhance your mosaic creations with the reliable and versatile Weldbond Adhesive. Get yours today and let your creativity soar!

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