Safety glasses - mosaic tools / accessories

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It's important to wear safety glasses when cutting mosaic materials, mixing grouts, oxides and thinsets to protect your eyes from shards, dust and debris.

Safety Glasses
Always wear them when smashing or scoring/shaping tiles and tesserae.
Also wear them when you are dispensing dry grout and thinset powder, glitter or any fine particle materials that may get into your eyes.
Remember, to have more than one pair, for others around you when making or working on mosaic projects. So many love to watch and watch out, they will soon be as addicted to mosaics as you!  Kids, visitors, friends, helpers all need to work safe. Keep pets safe and sound too.  Check out the MOS for amazing work safe tips!

If you don't have enough pairs to go around a grout, ask everyone to bring a pair of sunglasses or swimming goggles.  It's better than nothing.
When working with big wet saws and heavy duty hammers, hardies etc, check out your local hardware store for a full face shield helmet - you will look so cool! 
It's better to be safe than sorry.

Select jester pink from wider frame safety glasses which will fit over your reading glasses or slim fit frames if you don't usually require glasses to mosaic. You may like to discuss with your eye care professional the possibility of having your glasses updated with prescription lenses (on higher quality glasses).  Handy if you do a lot of mosaic, close-up work. 

Sandy suggests the wide frame to protect your eyes well.  Tip:  When you take your glasses off try not to scratch them on your mosaic tools and tesserae.  Keep a container handy with a soft towel and make it a habit to put your glasses in the same place on your workbench.  The plastic frames can scratch easily and when you are busy, it's easy to just toss them down.  Of course, you can pop them on top of your head.  Sandy doesn't recommend a glasses chain as you may get bits of broken tile or grout in your glasses.  Make sure you wear an apron to protect your clothes, thighs and shoes of course to keep off those shards!

Here's an idea for a mosaic for a garden or community art wall.  Hope it gets your mosaic mojo going!  Creative juices stirring?

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