Palette Knife Set of 5 tools

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Set of 5 - Palette Mixing Tool Knives

Flexible, Useful Tools To Mix Grout, Thinset And Apply Various Mosaic Special Effects.
Fine Mixing Blades, Stainless Steel, Long-Lasting.
Clean Up With Clean Water Immediately After Use, To Keep Tools In Good Condition.

A palette knife is a mixing tool that can be used to mix grout and thinset by hand. It typically has a flat, pointed blade made of metal with a handle. To use a palette knife to mix grout or thinset, start by adding the dry mix to a mixing container, then gradually add water while stirring with the palette knife. It's important to mix thoroughly, scraping the sides and bottom of the container to ensure that all the dry mix is incorporated. While a palette knife can be useful for small amounts of mixing, it is not recommended for larger projects where a drill with a mixing paddle attachment is more efficient. Don't use your kitchen mix master!

Mosaic a car!  It's been done many times! 
Oh no, I think the cat's been glued on, or his tail has had some mosaic surgery?  Luckily this is just a fantasy design idea and not the real mosaic deal.  LOL!  
You're sure to find lots of other "handy" tools in the garage and kitchen.  Dave always finds his missing tools in my Studio!  Even a stick can be a good mixing tool, if you are desperate!  Old kitchen knives, spoons, forks... it's all good!  Why not get an old car door, fridge door, a shovel or a bedhead to mosaic.   Your car may not perform as well with the weight of the mosaic!  An old car body decorated in mosaic though, would be fabulous in a garden or park setting, to blend with the surroundings.  Lots more about this @ the MOS.
Get together with some friends and get on it!  PS Don't mosaic the windscreens and windows.  You may be tempted to break them though, for beautiful mosaic crash glass tessere.  We have the right glue for that!

Let's mosaic the car!