Tile Grids - Mosaic tools

"Design beautiful mosaics with our versatile mosaic grids, available in two types to suit 1cm x 1cm and 2cm x 2cm bevelled vitreous glass tiles. Ideal for selecting colour shades, these grids are perfect for creating mosaics and provide creative fun for all ages. Great for bathroom borders, tabletops, chess boards, and wall murals."

mosaic grid mural themosaicmallMosaic grids serve as invaluable templates for tile murals. Craft mosaic art with 1cm x 1cm or 2cm x 2cm bevelled vitreous glass tiles. To ensure secure placement, apply sticky tape or contact plastic to the tiles within the grid. Once the tiles are taped, carefully lift them out of the grid and affix them to your substrate with thinset, allowing for proper curing. Afterward, grout to complete your stunning mural. Explore our vibrant collection of 1cm x 1cm and 2cm x 2cm mosaic glass tiles at The Mosaic Mall for creative inspiration

grid tile example pattern the mosaic mall

the mosaic mall 2cm tile colour chart 001