These images give an idea of coverage.  Surface coverage depends on your cut shapes and spacing.
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Indulge in the world of artistry with our Dynasty Smalti bricks and blocks. Approximately 200 bricks or 70 blocks, tightly packed to grace your canvas, covering an area of approximately 20 x 20cm. Each piece's weight dictates the quantity in your bag, a testament to their hand-cut, beautifully imperfect nature, ready to adorn your mosaic masterpieces.
In these BLEND PACKS, shapes, thickness and sizes,vary from squares, rectangles, irregular blocks, bricks, sloped edges, irregular cuts etc. 
It depends on stocks available at time of order,  We try to give you a good colour mix across the shapes.  
Use as they come, reshpae/ facet at your whim using a selection of mosaic tools (mosaic nippers, hammers & hardies etc).
Fabulous results are made pairing smalti with other mixed media tesserae, with tinted thinset adhesives.

DYNASTY SMALTI - SHADE BLEND MIXES  500 gm mixed bags for $35.00 
Choose from Bricks (around 200 pieces) or Blocks (about 70 pieces) or Rotti (a random mix of shapes), offering intriguing irregular shapes. It's not just a purchase; it's a journey to expand your smalti collection, a symphony of colours, textures, and endless artistic possibilities. Browse the smalti bricks and blocks.
Contact us if you would like a photo emailed of your colour group of 500g bag mix, before shipping. 
Please note photos in the mix categories are a guide only, your mix will depend on stocks available at time of order.
Get your orders in while stocks last!

SMALTI Shade Blends & Mixes

smalti for mosaic art and craft
SMALTI Shade Blends & Mixes
smalti for mosaics
SMALTI Shade Blends & Mixes
Smalti bricks for mosaic art and craft
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SMALTI Shade Blends & Mixes
$ 35.00