smalti portrait dynasty ozmosaicsDYNASTY SMALTI AUSTRALIA

Welcome to our Dynasty Smalti Collection!

Discover the beauty and affordability of our exquisite smalti glass tiles. We offer a wide selection of stunning shades, including bricks, blocks, mixed bags, arty offcuts (Rotti), sheets (slices), slabs, rods, and remnants. Our range caters to various mosaic artwork styles, be it traditional or modern.

Shape and trim these beautiful tiles using our recommended tools, such as the Hammer & Hardie, Leponitt Mosaic Wheeled Nipper, or Standard Tile Nipper. For a smooth finish, our Metal Tile File is the perfect choice. If you desire a perfectly flat surface mosaic finish, our special faceted surfaces are popular, and Dynasty smalti provides a smooth surface on one edge.

Dynasty Smalti is meticulously crafted in China by skilled artists and glass chemists. Offering a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes, Dynasty Smalti enhances creative projects for mosaic artists. Its vibrant hues, including the option for gold-topped smalti, add depth and visual interest to mosaic designs. The Antique Range, especially suitable for portraits, showcases traditional glass-making techniques.

Whether you're creating bold and contemporary mosaics or intricate and traditional designs, Dynasty Smalti provides a versatile and eye-catching option for mosaic enthusiasts, all at reasonable costs. Mix smalti with other mosaic tesserae to create incredible artworks.  

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