Slabs! fragments! Frit! Chunks! Rods! Strips!

Slate Tile Slab 30cm x 20 cm
Colour - muted brown/greys
Each tile is unique in colour, surface/side texture, pits and thickness.
Shape with a hammer, hammer/hardie, tile file or nippers.
If desired, enrich slate colour with a high gloss Slate Sealer.

Everything for mosaics!

Slate Mosaic. Unleash your creativity in mosaic art with slate slivers and chunks. Sculpt unique shapes by breaking them with a hammer or hardie. Experiment with edge, layered, spikes or flat arrangements using tinted thinset adhesive. Explore endless possibilities and elevate your mosaic motifs with slate.   Add other tesserae such as fractured, slivered, faceted smalti and crockery for extra pizazz!
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