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Hydro Ban by Laticrete
1 Litre
Waterproof Membrane (Pre-Sealer)
Excellent for pre-sealing porous mosaic substrates.
The ultimate waterproofing solution for mosaic substrates. 
Sold in small lots for mosaic artists.

Product specifications at Laticrete Australia website.

Using Laticrete Hydro Ban to protect your mosaic substrates offers several benefits.

Superior Waterproofing: Hydro Ban is specifically formulated to provide exceptional waterproofing properties. It creates a seamless and durable membrane that effectively prevents water penetration, protecting your mosaic substrates from moisture damage and potential mold or mildew growth.

Easy Application: Hydro Ban is easy to apply, whether by brush, roller, a small piece of grouting sponge or trowel. Its liquid consistency allows for smooth and efficient coverage, ensuring a consistent and reliable waterproofing layer.  The colour of Hydro Ban will change when it is set.

Versatile Compatibility: Hydro Ban is suitable for various mosaic substrates, including concrete, craft board, cement backer boards, light weight boards (Wedi, Marmox, MOSboards) gypsum boards, polystyrene, terracotta and more. It adheres well to these surfaces, creating a strong bond and ensuring long-lasting protection.

Quick Drying Time: Hydro Ban has a fast drying time, allowing you to proceed with your mosaic project without significant delays. This is especially beneficial when working on time-sensitive projects or in areas with high moisture exposure.

Flexibility: The flexibility of Hydro Ban ensures that it can withstand potential substrate movement, minimizing the risk of cracks or water leakage over time. This flexibility is crucial in mosaic installations where tiles and tesserae may expand or contract.

By using Hydro Ban to protect your mosaic substrates, you can have peace of mind knowing that your artwork is safeguarded against water damage, ensuring its longevity and preserving its beauty for years to come.

Clean up applicator tools with water while fresh.
Wear gloves, apron and safety mask.
Use a felt pen, coloured pencils or pencil, carbon paper etc to draw your mosaic design to the dry HydroBan.