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MOSAIC HARDIE TOOL - Portable Desk Top or Spike

Traditionally the mosaic hardie was embedded in a wooden log.  Today mosaicists have a choice of the spike or portable desk top hardie.
You may wish to have both!  A log set up in your studio and a portable hardie to take with you on location when sourcing products or teaching mosaic workshops etc.
Select a mosaic hammer (Martellina) to set up your hammer and hardie cutting station.



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Mosaic Tools: Mosaic Italian Hammer, Hardie Spike, Desktop Portable Hardie are essential tools used in the art of mosaic making.

The mosaic Italian hammer is a handheld tool that is used to break and shape tiles or stone to fit into a mosaic design. It has a flat face on one end for breaking tiles and a pointed end on the other for chipping away small pieces. The Italian hammer has been used for centuries by mosaic artisans in Italy and is a timeless tool for creating beautiful mosaic designs.

The hardie spike is a tool used in conjunction with a hammer and a cutting tool, such as a mosaic nipper, to break tiles or stone. The spike is mounted into a wooden block or a tabletop, which provides stability for the tiles being cut. The hardie spike is essential for cutting small, precise pieces of tile or stone for intricate mosaic designs.

The desktop portable hardie is a portable version of the hardie spike that can be used on a desk or tabletop. It provides a stable surface for cutting small pieces of tile or stone for mosaic designs.

To use these tools, you would first need to create a design and choose the tiles or stone to be used in the mosaic. Then, use the Italian hammer to break and shape the tiles to fit the design. The hardie spike or desktop portable hardie can be used in conjunction with a cutting tool to cut small, precise pieces of tile or stone.

Create stunning mosaic designs with our collection of Italian hammers, hardie spikes, and desktop portable hardies. These essential tools are perfect for breaking and shaping tiles or stone to fit any design. Shop now and take your mosaic-making skills to the next level! 

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