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MOS Board Hanging Hardware Kits

KIt A = 6mm and 1cm thick boards
Kit B = 2cm thick boards
Kits include 1 x hanging wire, 2 x nuts, 2 x countersunk bolts, 2 x small washers, 2 x 36mm washers
Add on option: Set x Heavy Duty D-Rings $2.40
Basic instructions are included.  

MOS Boards. Some helpful tips:

Take time to plan your hanging hardware to fit in with your installation space, mosaic design and appearance.
1 We recommend edging raw board edges with thin strips of sticky mesh and thinset.
2 For heavy mosaics, use heavy-duty hardware such as D-rings and hanging wire.
3 Use galvanized hardware for outdoor installations to prevent rusting.
4 Reduce rust by coating installed hanging hardware with Laticrete Hydro Ban or use WD40 to assist non rusting.
5 MOS boards can be used as layers on the wall or cement sheeting.
6 Use a diamond-edge jigsaw blade to suit your jigsaw.
7 Install hanging hardware before applying the mosaic decoration.
8 If bolting to a wall, consider location, weight of completed mosaic, wall type and bolt/wash system required.
Check out the MOS for helpful instructions and inspiration with MOS board shapes etc.

Hanging Hardware Kits/Installation

Hanging hardware kits and wire for mosaic lightweight foam core boards provide convenient solutions for securely displaying and hanging mosaic bases. These kits are specifically designed to accommodate the lightweight nature of foam core boards used as mosaic bases.

The hardware kits typically include hooks, d-rings, screws, and other necessary components for easy installation. They offer sturdy support and ensure that the mosaic boards can be safely hung on walls or other surfaces. The kits are designed to withstand the weight of the foam core boards and the mosaics attached to them.

Wire is often included in these kits and can be used to create a reliable hanging mechanism. The wire is attached to the hardware on the back of the foam core board, allowing for easy suspension. It provides stability and prevents the board from tilting or falling when hung.

By utilizing hanging hardware kits and wire designed specifically for lightweight foam core boards, mosaic artists can securely display their artwork. These kits offer convenience, stability, and peace of mind, allowing the mosaic bases to be easily showcased on walls or in other desired locations.

Ensure the hanging hardware is installed prior to commencing mosaic surface decoration.


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