M1: MESH Fibreglass - WHITE Standard Range:

White Sticky Mosaic Mesh.

Non Alkaline

Select your mesh width:
118cm L x 100cm W      165gsm
100cm L x 100cm W      165gsm

Tip: Mesh is excellent to strengthen/reinforce mosaic substrates/polystyrene bases etc.
Standard non-sticky or sticky mesh is marvellous for the Mosaic On Mesh Method "MOM"

Mosaic white fibreglass mesh Range!
Standard / Non Sticky.
Great for making mosaics! Non-alkaline
White mosaic ceramic tiles on mosaic mesh idea.

This high-quality fiberglass mesh is perfect for mosaic art and tile installations. It offers improved precision, durability, ease of installation, better adhesion, and flexibility. It simplifies the process and improves the quality of the final product. The mesh is available in different sizes and can be purchased from The Mosaic Mall and OzMosaics.

It is ideal for strengthening mosaic projects such as mosaic balls and sculpture, combining with mosaic thinset adhesive. The mesh is also suitable for the mosaic on mesh method, which involves creating a mosaic on a mesh sheet and then transferring it to the final surface.  Learn more at an OzMosaics workshop in Brisbane Queensland Australia. www.ozmosaics.com.au

Fun making mosaics! Mosaic the Car!