SG-O04 Stained Glass Strip 15 x 1.5cm x 3mm

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15 x 1.5 x 3mm

15cm X 1.5cm X 3 to 4mm thick
Hand cut stained glass strips. 
Weight approx 14-20gm

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stained glass strip of glass can be a great addition to a mosaic art and craft project. Stained glass is a type of coloured glass that is often used in the creation of decorative windows, lamps, and other art pieces. The colours and textures of stained glass can add a unique and beautiful touch to a mosaic project.

Stained glass strips can be used to create a border or frame for a mosaic art piece. They can also be cut into smaller pieces and used as part of the mosaic design. The colours and patterns of the stained glass can be used to create a variety of effects, from bold and bright to subtle and muted.  Tips & Tricks at The MOS.

When using stained glass in a mosaic project, it’s important to handle the glass carefully to avoid breaking it. A glass cutter can be used to cut the stained glass into the desired shapes and sizes. Once the pieces are cut, they can be arranged on a clear glass surface, Perspex or an opaque substrate and glued into place. Grout can then be applied to fill in the gaps between the pieces and create a smooth surface. Health and Safety is important. Take care when working with stained glass. Please note that the product colour may differ slightly onscreen due to monitors, cameras, and lighting. Despite these factors, we do our best to show the colours of the products accurately.