MCT-004 Moroccan Ceramic tiles

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Moroccan Mosaic Wall Tiles


MCT-004 Mosaic Mural
5 tiles, 3 are cracked & remnants.  
See Product Description for more info.
Terracotta base. 
Each tile is approx.: 15cm X 15cm X 6mm thick   
Weight per tile  approx. 260g.
Suitable for indoor/dry mosaic projects.  Do not install in submersed mosaic projects or outdoors/wet areas.


Hand Painted, Glazed Ceramic tiles, Terracotta Base.
Note:  Soak the tiles in cold water to clean top and bottom of tiles and to remove sticky packing tape.  A photo is included in the packing to assist you in the layout/ordering of the tile pattern.

  • This mural set contains 3 full tiles, 2 cracked tiles and some remnant tiles.  Full tiles each measure 15 x 15 cm and 6mm thick. The tiles have a terracotta base and are indoor wall tiles. These wall tiles are not suitable for submersed or wet area mosaic projects as surface crazing may occur over time.

Here are some ideas for how you can use these tiles:

  • Use them in a mosaic project.
  • Cut out shapes from the tiles to include in other mosaics or substitute other materials with this mural set.
  • Break and shape the tiles into colourful background tesserae for mosaic projects.
  • Mix and match the tiles with smalti, other ceramics, glass tiles, or china to create a fabulous mixed media mosaic project.
  • Add 3D mosaic layers to create a fantasy mural.
  • Complete missing tiles with your own pattern match in mixed media!  
  • Create an ancient look, but having an incomplete, fractured design with thinset rendering special effects.
  • Slice off the border, or cut out elements in the border pattern, to use in other mosaics.

Please note that this is an incomplete mural set, containing 5 tiles, 3 of which are cracked  and some remnants.
Therefore, this tile set has been discounted. However, it’s a mosaic, so get creative! You can gently make more controlled breaks in the other tiles to get a more mosaic effect overall, as a jigsaw puzzle, install, and grout or replace/revamp!