A mosaic stash room is a dedicated space where a mosaic artist can store their materials and supplies. This room typically contains a variety of items, including tiles, glass, grout, tools, and adhesives, as well as any other materials that may be needed for mosaic artwork.

The mosaic stash room is usually organized in a way that makes it easy for the artist to find and access the materials they need for a particular project. Shelves or bins may be used to store tiles and glass by color, texture, or size, while larger items like tools and buckets of adhesive may be stored on the floor or in cabinets.

A well-organized mosaic stash room can help an artist work more efficiently and effectively, as it reduces the time and effort needed to locate materials and ensures that everything is easily accessible when needed. It can also be a place for inspiration, with various materials and colors providing a creative environment for the artist to explore and experiment with different combinations.

Overall, a mosaic stash room is an essential space for any serious mosaic artist, providing a dedicated and organized space for storing and accessing materials, and helping to facilitate the creative process.

However, the Stash Room at OzMosaics and The Mosaic Mall is like no other!  Every now and then a few treasured items will be on sale in The Mosaic Mall.  Wait until you see inside Sandy Robertson's mosaic stash room, the home of the Mosaic Bug!  A tour of OzMosaics garden and studio will show Mosaic Addicts stash their mosaic loot in every available space, under beds, in the garden, it's just how it is!  Tidy?  Well no, not at Sandy's place.  It's all about being able to grab something special and sometimes the stash calls out "pick me today".  It's a case of being busy, crazy stash room.

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