30cm x 20 cm slate tile slab

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Slate Tile Slab - thickness varies on each tile.

Slate Tile Slab
30cm x 40 cm
Colour - Grey/Browns
Thickness - varies by tile

Slate Tile Slab 30cm x 20 cm
Colour - muted brown/greys
Each tile is unique in colour, surface/side texture, pits and thickness.
Shape with a hammer, hammer/hardie, tile file or nippers.
If desired, enrich slate colour with a high gloss Slate Sealer.

Everything for mosaics!

Slate Tile Slabs

A wonderful mosaic substrate, with varying colours.  Enhance slate colours with slate sealer, high gloss if desired.

Use the slate as a base for mosaic works, drill holes to secure to wall, or install hanging wire or rope hangers etc.
Smash with a hammer, nippers or hammer and hardie for broken down, fabulous slate chunks.

Use tinted thinset for your mosaic adhesive.  Unlimited ways to use slate in your mosaics.  Have fun.