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Prep Glue Australia

The Mosaic Mall Australia Vitreous Mosaic tilesPREP MULTI-USE ADHESIVE
Ideal for woodworking, brickwork, wallpaper, glass & ceramic surfaces. Non-toxic, Dries clear. - suitable for Glass on Glass Mosaic technique. Refer to Product Info for specifications.  

Prep Adhesive Info:

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Product info & Specs:

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PREP Multi-Use adhesive is a styrene-based all purpose adhesive, originally designed to replace PVA adhesives. Unlike conventional adhesives, PREP offers multiple solutions in the one bottle. PREP Multi-Use adhesive will glue almost anything to anything.

Features & Benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Dries quickly – dries clear
  • Non-flammable
  • High water resistance

Prep MultiUse Adhesive is a styrene based all purpose adhesive, originally designed to replace PVA adhesives. Unlike conventional adhesive, Prep offers a multiple of solutions in the one bottle.

PrepMultiUse Adhesive will bond almost anything to anything. Bond strength is greatest on porous surfaces such as timber, fabric, leather, paper, styrene foam, metal, wood and glass, even concrete, plaster and fibro.  Prep MultiUse Adhesiveis is also a suitable adhesive for non-porous surfaces such as steel, aluminium, brass, copper, ceramics and glass.

Prep will not re-emulsify nor dissolve if subject to water after drying like PVA’s. Prep MultiUse Adhesive is a thicker emulsion than PVA’s so it doesn’t drip on vertical surfaces. It has greater bond strength on most surfaces.

Prep MultiUse Adhesive may also be diluted, for use as a ‘dust sealer’or primer/sealer’ for concrete and masonry surfaces. It may be used diluted as a bonding agent between layers of concrete or in the mix.