Plastic Bags for mosaics.
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Plastic Bags - Storage & Glue Bags
Check out our range of plastic clip-lock bags.  Small to Extra Large and choice of 40 - 75 micron mn.

In the context of plastic bags, micron is a unit of measurement used to describe the thickness of plastic films. A 40-micron bag is equivalent to 0.04 millimetres, while a 75-micron bag is equivalent to 0.075 millimetres. A 40-micron bag is generally considered light-duty and can hold items weighing up to about 1.5 kg, making it suitable for light-duty protection from dust and moisture. On the other hand, a 75-micron bag is considered heavy-duty. In simpler terms, the higher the micron value, the thicker and stronger the plastic bag. A 75-micron bag is thicker and stronger than a 40-micron bag, making it more suitable for heavy-duty applications.