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Porcelain Mosaic Polished LARGE - 2cm x 2cm x 4mm Beth/P001

Porcelain Mosaic tiles
Polished low sheen surface.
P001  Colour Cream / Beth
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Subtle colour range of beautiful shades of polished porcelain tiles.
Shape with Leponitt Mosaic Wheeled Nipper Tool, Standard Tile Nipper Tool, Hammer and Hardie and smooth off edges with Metal Tile File or a grinder.

P00 porcelain mosaic tiles colours

The porcelain hexagonal mosaic tile is small, measuring 2.5cm in size and 4mm thick. It features a soft polished surface that provides a refined appearance with a subtle sheen. The tile's durable porcelain material resists wear and is suitable for various applications. Its hexagonal shape allows for creative designs, and the small size enables intricate detailing. The tile is also resistant to water, stains, and scratches, making it long-lasting.