Kit B: Hanging Hardware and wire for 2cm thick Board $5.50

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MOS Board Hanging Hardware Kits

KIt A = 6mm and 1cm thick boards
Kit B = 2cm thick boards
Kits include 1 x hanging wire, 2 x nuts, 2 x countersunk bolts, 2 x small washers, 2 x 36mm washers
Add on option: Set x Heavy Duty D-Rings $2.40
Basic instructions are included.  

MOS Boards. Some helpful tips:

Take time to plan your hanging hardware to fit in with your installation space, mosaic design and appearance.
1 We recommend edging raw board edges with thin strips of sticky mesh and thinset.
2 For heavy mosaics, use heavy-duty hardware such as D-rings and hanging wire.
3 Use galvanized hardware for outdoor installations to prevent rusting.
4 Reduce rust by coating installed hanging hardware with Laticrete Hydro Ban or use WD40 to assist non rusting.
5 MOS boards can be used as layers on the wall or cement sheeting.
6 Use a diamond-edge jigsaw blade to suit your jigsaw.
7 Install hanging hardware before applying the mosaic decoration.
8 If bolting to a wall, consider location, weight of completed mosaic, wall type and bolt/wash system required.
Check out the MOS for helpful instructions and inspiration with MOS board shapes etc.

Mosaic Boards - Hanging Hardware kits. Wire and D-rings