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Plastic Bags for mosaics.

Plastic Bags for storage or glue dispensing.
Select from the sizes and micron weights below:

Plastic Bags for mosaics.

40 micron = light duty plastic
75 micron - heavy duty plastic

Plastic Bags for storage or glue dispensing.
Check out the size range.  Available in 40 or 75 micron plastic strength.

In the context of plastic bags, micron is a unit of measurement used to describe the thickness of plastic films. A 40-micron bag is equivalent to 0.04 millimeters, while a 75-micron bag is equivalent to 0.075 millimeters. A 40-micron bag is generally considered light-duty and can hold items weighing up to about 1.5 kg, making it suitable for light-duty protection from dust and moisture. On the other hand, a 75-micron bag is considered heavy-duty. In simpler terms, the higher the micron value, the thicker and stronger the plastic bag. A 75-micron bag is thicker and stronger than a 40-micron bag, making it more suitable for heavy-duty applications.