Ceramic Wall Tile - Black *8mm thick

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Ceramic Wall Tile Black - 8mm thick

1 x Ceramic Wall Tile
Shape with Leponitt Nippers, Hammer, Score 'n Snap Tool, Metal Tile File, Tile Nippers or Desk Top Scorer tool. Select from the colour range below.  Tiles vary in prices, size and thickness.

Ceramic Wall Tiles
Ceramic wall tiles are commonly used in mosaics to create colourful and patterned designs. The tiles can be shaped by using tools such as tile nippers, mosaic tools, files, hammers, desktop tile slicers, or electric tile saws to cut them into desired shapes and sizes, allowing for flexibility and customization in mosaic artwork.

Ceramic Wall Tile - Mosaic Art and craft works. 20 x 10cm  x 8mm thick.
Suitable for indoor mosaic art.  If used in submersed or outdoor installations, ceramic wall tiles may craze due to weather and water conditions.