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Light Weight Mosaic Boards

TIP:  Plan hanging method and hanging hardware!


You are only limited by your imagination! Lots of tips and inspiration at the MOS.

Easily shape LWB with a jigsaw for special base shapes, a bench saw for straight cuts and/or Stanley Knife/HackSaw Blade.
For more info on MOS Boards please visit the MOS Mosaic Online School.
Note:  We recommend edging the LWB with mosaic fibreglass mesh/thinset to protect and strengthen the raw cut edge of your base.
Tip:  Before applying mosaic decoration to your base, consider sealing, hanging method and hanging hardware.

Light Weight Mosaic Boards and Bases

Lightweight foam core coated fiberglass mesh bases and substrates are specifically designed materials used in mosaic art. They provide a sturdy yet lightweight foundation for creating mosaic designs. The foam core offers a lightweight structure, making it easy to handle and manipulate during the mosaic process. The fibreglass mesh coating adds strength and durability to the base, ensuring that the mosaic remains intact over time.

These bases and substrates are ideal for mosaic artists as they provide a stable surface for applying mosaic tiles, glass, or other decorative elements. The mesh allows for adhesive to securely bond the mosaic pieces to the base, ensuring a strong and long-lasting artwork. The lightweight nature of the foam core also makes these bases suitable for larger mosaic projects, as they reduce the overall weight and stress on the installation surface.

Moreover, the foam core coated fibreglass mesh bases and substrates are versatile and can be easily cut or shaped to fit different artistic designs and applications. They can be used for indoor or outdoor mosaics, as they are resistant to moisture and weather conditions. Overall, these materials offer mosaic artists a reliable and flexible foundation to bring their creative visions to life, providing a durable, lightweight, and customizable surface to create stunning mosaic artworks.  Easily shaped with a bench saw, jigsaw or Stanley knife.