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Enhance your mosaics!

High Gloss Slate Sealer
Use at your artistic discretion to enhance slate, porous tesserae, shells, natural stone, thinset, grout etc.


High Gloss Slate Sealer.
Try it out on some samples first!
Do not use to seal submersed mosaics such as birdbaths.
Tip:  Use Windex to help clean up brush whilst sealer still fresh on brush.

High Gloss Flooring Slate Sealer.  We supply this sealer as a helpful service, in small amounts for mosaic artists, who don't want a 4 litre tin of sealer.
Create dramatic shine and enhance the colour of your grout, thinset and mosaic tesserae. Do not use on submersed mosaics as sealer may peel due to wet conditions. Use sparingly, apply two coats if necessary, allowing sealer to dry at least a few days between coats. Apply with a cheap paint brush.  Note, the brush will harden after use and may need discarding. Test on samples first.  Best on porous materials, if you use on crockery and glass for vertical installed mosaics where water runs off the mosaic it's should be fine.  This product does not yellow,  It is not a resin product. Ideal for slate and porous mosaic materials.  As we are unable to control the use of this product on your mosaic surfaces, it's up to your how, when and where you use this product. Keep out of the reach of children.  Use away from dust, breezes when applying - keep your workspace free of dust and lint while sealer is wet.
Wear safety glasses, protective clothing and suitable gloves. 

Wattyl Estapol Flooring Slate Sealer is a tough surface coating that seals in natural colours and provides long-lasting protection to a wide range or surfaces around the home. Estapol Gloss Slate Finish forms an impervious layer to resist penetration from spillages such as oil, grease and food. It assists in binding exposed aggregate and pebblecrete surfaces whilst protecting masonry surfaces against erosion and dust. It is recommended for use on a variety of surfaces including exposed aggregate, slate, pebble finishes, concrete (including stamped/stencilled), brick and sandstone and other decorative surfaces.

  • Wattyl Estapol Flooring Slate Sealer 4L
  • Non-yellowing
  • For interior and exterior use
  • Suitable for application to surfaces subject to domestic foot and car traffic
  • Gloss finish

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