Mosaic Murals at University of Queensland, Water Engineering Dept.  Sandy Robertson OzMosaics (c)

Mosaic Tools from The Mosaic Mall and OzMosaics

Creating stunning mosaic art requires not only creativity but also the right tools. The Mosaic Mall, in collaboration with OzMosaics, offers a range of high-quality mosaic tools to elevate your artistic endeavors. Let’s delve into the details of some essential mosasic tools:

  1. Leponitt Mosaic Wheeled Nippers:

  2. Ceramic Tile Nippers:

  3. Italian Hammers:

    • Italian hammers are robust tools for breaking larger pieces of glass, smalti, marble, stone, pebbles or tiles. Their sturdy construction ensures efficient material fragmentation.
    • Comfortable grips make them reliable for mosaic artists working on various projects. Check out videos on You Tube. Hammers are available in 3 weights.
  4. Glass and Tile Score ‘n’ Snap Tools:


    • Achieve straight lines and geometric patterns by scoring glass or tile and then snapping it along the scored line.
    • These tools are essential for creating precise shapes and ensuring clean breaks.
  6. Hardies: Mosaic

    • Italian made mosaic Hardies are specialized tools used for shaping and smoothing mosaic tesserae. They come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize your pieces. The Mosaic Mall stocks the spike and desk top hardie.
    • Whether you’re working with glass, ceramic, smalti or stone, hardies help achieve the desired contours.
  7. Tile Cutters: Desk Top Tools

    • These desk top tile cutters are versatile and suitable for ceramic tiles. Sandy has tips to share in her classes on how to use on mirror and glass.
    • An alternative to wheeled nippers, they are particularly useful for beginners or when you need quick, straight cuts.

Remember that having the right tools enhances your mosaic-making experience. Explore the offerings at The Mosaic Mall and OzMosaics to find the perfect tools for your next masterpiece.  Sign up on The Mosaic Mall mailing list to receive updates on tools, the MOS, Mosaic Online School and other mosaic products.