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Embark on the Mosaic Treasure Hunt Adventure! 
Mosaic mavens, get set for a riveting riddle ride! Dig up the hidden photo item on The Mosaic Mall or OzMosaics website, armed with our cryptic clues.

Be the first to unveil the mystery on the Mosaic Makers Facebook group, and nab a nifty $50 discount voucher. Decipher the clue, declare your dominance, and delight in your well-deserved discount on our mosaic collection (delivery not included). Let the treasure hunt begin!

Here’s your roadmap to kickstart this exhilarating quest:
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Stay wired through our newsletter and website for updates, hints, and future opportunities to embark on this fun treasure hunt.  Take time out from your mosaics, while the grout hazes, the thinset slakes or you just  need a break! Please be aware that each Mosaic Treasure Hunt will be available for a limited time.
Victors will be announced in newsletters, our websites, and the Mosaic Makers Australia Facebook group.

May the mosaic force be with you. Mosaic on!